Bilateral meeting of the project’s progress

Bilateral meeting of the project’s progress

A bilateral meeting in the framework of the project ‘Improving the knowledge in determining the minimum water level and flow of water bodies’ was carried out in the facilities of EKBY on 30 November and 01 December 2016. Members of the work groups from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) and the Greek Biotope-Wetland Center participated in the meeting.

The methodologies and the potential utilization of the integrated hydrological model to water resources management in the catchment of the lakes Zazari, Cheimaditida, Petron and Vegoritida were discussed. In addition, the methods and the results regarding the assessment of the environmentally minimum water level in the lakes, as well as the pollution load and water demand in the lakes’ catchment were presented and discussed.

Moreover, the determination of environmental flows in regulated rivers, with the example of case-studies in Norway and Greece were stressed. The meeting was completed with a discussion about the setting of the maximum water level in Lake Vegoritida.

The meeting took place under a constructive environment, by exchanging points of view and processing the necessary tasks to the completion of the project.

ekby meeting
Bilateral meeting at EKBY premises. 30 November – 1 December2016.
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